The LED Lamps for Motorcycle: Buying Guide


As for cars, even the best LED lamps for motorcycles have gone away, away replaced the old yellow light halogen lamps. LED headlamps are also increasingly replacing high-performance top-class halogen lamps such as those offered in the Philips and OSRAM catalog.

Many prefer the pure, cool, lunar white of LED technology to warm white light, which greatly improves visibility to illuminate the road well.

Manufacturers such as Honda or Ducati now supply original LED lights. Manufacturers continue to improve motorcycle headlights, their structure, bulbs, performance.

Replacing the standard halogen lamps with LED motorcycle headlights is a choice that primarily concerns road safety, then the look of the two-wheeler. This rule affects all motorcycle enthusiasts, including you.

What are the important aspects to consider when choosing safe motorcycle LED lamps?

Best LED Lamps for motorcycles: Safety on the Road

The best LED bulbs for motorcycles should give you excellent visibility while allowing you to be seen by incoming vehicles without glare.

The Highway Code allows for improved lighting as long as it doesn’t disturb others.

It is good not to exceed a color temperature of 6000K offered by LEDs (compared to 4000-4200K of xenon effect halogen bulbs). The pure white 6000K is recommended to travel at night with more security as it provides a power that increases the contrasts. It has a very good penetration and gives the best even under clear skies. A light too cold, exceeding 6000K, would not illuminate the road well in case of rain.

The lamps with H4 and H7 low beam/glare function and the motorcycle approved LED kit that we have selected in this guide have a color temperature of 6000K.

In addition to browsing through the bestseller products, we have read opinions and opinions of other online buyers, we have aimed at the most popular LED spotlights, compared prices and offers online. The 5 models we present below are the top in terms of value for money at Amazon.

How to choose LED motorcycle lamps: purchasing tips

Compared to traditional halogen headlamps, LED headlamps significantly improve the visibility, depth and width of the light beam, intensity and brightness without, however, running the risk of dazzling motorcyclists, motorists, pedestrians. Improved clarity and vision also means less fatigue.

What are the features and advantages that make a list of the best motorcycle LED headlights for motorcycles superior to standard halogen lamps?

Here are what they are:

  1. Higher quantity and quality of light. The CREE LED type is preferable to the SMD one because it is brighter and more powerful.
  2. 3 times longer life (up to 30.000/50.000 hours) thanks to the aeronautical aluminium body and the powerful cooling fan, able to ensure an efficient and fast heat dissipation.
  3. Low power consumption, 5 times less energy saving because they heat less.
  4. More powerful light, clean, without dark spots or halos, bright, UV and infrared free.
  5. Longer, deeper, wide, homogeneous, intense light beam.
  6. Immediate ignition.
  7. Increased resistance to water (waterproof IP68), temperature changes, shock, extreme temperatures, strong vibrations.
  8. Easy and quick Plug & Play installation.

The low power consumption of LED lamps could create problems for motorcycles that use a lot of electronics because the Canbus system could detect errors, flickering as if the bulb were defective. Some LED lamps integrate the Canbus, others do not. In the second case, just buy a decoder separately to solve the problem.

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