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It all started in 1979 with the Pantah 500… then came the 600, the 350, the F1 and the Alazzurra… The Pantah family wrote a fundamental page of the motorcycling scene of the ‘80s

It all started in 1979 with the Pantah 500… then came the 600, the 350, the F1 and the Alazzurra… The Pantah family wrote a fundamental page of the motorcycling scene of the ‘80s

Pantah SL – 350, 500, 600, 650

The Pantah 500 was first shown at the Milan bike show in December 1977. It did not reach production until 1979, but the project had started in 1976…

XL and TL – 350 400 and 600

The Italian market wanted a cheaper 350 cc version and the need for touring versions was felt. The XL and TL were basically the same bike with a new dress…

TT2 600

Like every Ducati, the Pantah was born with racing in its blood. The first TT2 was a barely tuned production bike yet it won the 1980 Italian Championship…

F1 and F3 – 350 400 and 750

Following the success of the racing-only Pantah TT, Ducati designed a road legal bike with a frame inspired to that of the TT. The motor grew to 750 cc…

Alazzurra 350 and 650

When Cagiva took over Ducati in 1983, the Pantah SL was discontinued and a new touring bike was obtained by restyling the ugly TL….

Elefant 350 650 and 750

Cagiva surprised everyone in 1983 by fitting the Pantah motor into an enduro frame. A serious contender for the BMW R80GS or a clumsy overweight monster?….

Indiana 350, 650 and 750

All major bike makers kept an US Custom style bike in catalogue. So why not? A few retouches to the Elefant and here is a contender for the Japanese Custom bikes…

Paso 750

Designer—builder Massimo Tamburini had a dream of a totally enclosed bike. The Castiglioni brothers gave him a team of designers and freedom to create….

Bimota DB1 750

Massimo Tamburini’s first totally enclosed creation around a Ducati motor, the DB1 can well be considered the mother of the Paso and of the Tesi….

Sport 750 SS 600, 750 and Sport Junior 350

Starting from the F1 Ducati – Cagiva designed a more “manageable” sports bike that was to be the beginning of a whole new series of bikes….

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