Motorcycle glasses: useful tips, driving and models


Today’s article is dedicated to seeing the best motorcycle glasses available on the market at the moment. Motorcycle glasses are one of the most important accessories that must be purchased and that obviously should not be discarded as many people think and do.

Eyewear for any motorcyclist is very important to be able to protect themselves from the weather and insects. But which of the many that can be found on the market right now need to be purchased? You don’t have to ask yourself this problem because in today’s post we will offer you the best models ever, a purchase guide where we will see the most appreciated models of this year.

LEAGUE&CO Motorcycle Eyewear/Aviator/Motocross/Casco Vintage Classic PU Black Leather, Transparent Lenses

These glasses with transparent lenses are good for those who love to ride their bike at night, you’ll see great. Fume lenses’ are amazing and greatly mitigate the reflection of the sun. Completely scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. Excellent mirror effect. Fully anti-fog coating, do not fog easily as maybe happens with other models. Perfect air tightness, no more annoyance from dust and wind. High quality soft synthetic leather. Adjustable and flexible perfect glasses. Strap that can be adjusted to best fit the helmet. Great for every motorcyclist.

Detachable motorcycle goggles mask, Harley Style protect sunglasses helmet padding, road riding UV motorcycle goggles, unisex woman (Mirror Lens)

A pair of well-made glasses with detachable mask. Total length: 190 mm; height: 180 mm. Suitable for helmet. Super protective gasket to keep you safe at all times when you are riding your bike. Superior protection compared to other models offered by the competition, better air permeability and much more. A nice product to say.

The Best vintage motorcycle glasses: which ones to buy ?

The bike is the desire of many since childhood. Riding a motorcycle is beautiful on your own or with friends. Obviously to go on a motorcycle you need the right equipment at least to make a good impression. One of the accessories that in our opinion should never be missing in motion are excellent vintage motorcycle glasses. Of the many protections available that distinguish the clothing of a motorcycle, the glasses are certainly an element more than fundamental to safeguard in a particular way the safety of the rider. So we made the decision to collect in a single and detailed post the best-selling models of vintage motorcycle glasses available on the market, all kinds of high quality glasses of the best brands.

On the other hand, it comes from understanding that vintage motorcycle glasses are the most sought after for those who constantly go into motion considering that you are in direct contact throughout the journey with the open air, for these objects such as vintage glasses are important to avoid unpleasant surprises smoke in the eyes, bites of flies etc …

Compared to a few years ago the market offers a lot of new generation glasses well-made with a unique design, these objects are much more protective and provide greater safety to those who ride the bike. Let’s discover the best models on the market.

Vintage Motorcycle Glasses – Matt Black – Antifog Smoke Lens – by Bertoni Italy AF195C – Motorcycle Aviator Mask for Harley and Chopper

An excellent pair of glasses made by Bertoni. Equipped with excellent aesthetics and carefully made in every part. Among the best glasses on the market. Round chin lenses than expected and more oval-shaped. Surface plastic grafts located halfway between the two spaces for the eyes that make the design even more unique and eye-catching. Close to the eyes, in direct contact with the face, there is an eco-leather coating. It weighs just 18 grams. Shockproof and anti-fog poly carbonate lenses.

LEAGUE&CO Vintage Motorcycle Eyewear/Aviator/Motocross/Casco/Protection Classic Smoked Lenses

Even this model not made by Bertoni is great. Retro brown coloring very nice. The lenses are perfect for driving at night and have both anti-scratch and anti-glare properties. There is also a fog coating equipped with anti-fog function. The model is able to protect both eyes through the excellent quality guaranteed by the soft synthetic leather. Material that also boasts non-slip characteristics, perfect for holding the glasses firmly to the face.

HCMAX Polarized Sport Sunglasses UV400 Protection for Men Women Cycling Riding Fishing Performance Golf Glasses for MTB, Bikes, Motorcycles, Casual Trekking

Let’s analyze this very valid HCMAX model. Quality vintage motorcycle glasses. ABS frame functional in lend itself to a very practical use in motion. Different lenses from each other which is certainly a feature that differentiates the model from the competition. Sporty style. Safety is mainly guaranteed by the other properties of the same lenses, starting with an anti-scratch component up to the protection against UV rays emanating from the sun.

Sun, wind, water and insects: the rider’s eyes must be well protected. For this reason, motorcycle glasses are an essential accessory, especially for those who love to make long motorbike trips through mountains and along the sea.

Glasses (including sunglasses) are also very comfortable in the city and it is not always easy to choose the right model from the many on the market. Here is a small guide with useful information and some recommended products.

Motorcycle glasses: the main features

Weathering and insects are very dangerous and annoying to the eyes, especially when you are speeding on the road at high speed. But what are the characteristics of a good pair of motorcycle goggles?

First it is necessary to think about functionality, then about aesthetics, which is obviously important. Good glasses must be polarized, that is, contain a special filter inside made with special blades.

This anti-reflection filter allows you to filter the glare produced by light when it hits some surfaces such as water and snow. It is easy to walk along the sea or lakes, as well as along wet roads immediately after a downpour. With polarized glasses, the rider’s visibility is significantly improved.

The UV filter is also very important among the features, because it is able to protect the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. The best models are UV400 and offer even more protection, because they exclude most ultraviolet frequencies, so they act as screens for UV-A and UV-B rays.

Among the various products on the market we find glasses not only transparent but also mirrored, which are coated with an extra layer that is partly reflective, thus allowing you to wear the glasses even in full sun.

Motorcycle glasses are actually multifunctional: they are designed to be used not only in the saddle but also during the practice of some outdoor sports, such as skiing, running and surfing.

A technologically advanced and very functional model is the one with a special type of lenses: the phototropic or self-tinting ones, which use special photosensitive molecules, which react to the variation of light they receive: as the incidence of light increases the lens becomes darker, to protect from the sun, while it clears in its absence. We can say that this is the most convenient solution for the traveling biker, who thus avoids having to change glasses in the presence/absence of sun.

The right model must also be comfortable to wear: light lenses and flexible frames are certainly preferable, easy to put on and take off with the helmet, with adjustable nose pads and elastic band that fit perfectly.

And the design? The wrap-around glasses, besides being very gritty, offer greater comfort and better peripheral vision, while the smaller ones are very comfortable under the helmet.

Motorcycle glasses: the best models

When choosing motorcycle glasses, it is important to consider the quality/price ratio.

Among those we have selected there are the Bertoni AF188A, made with quality materials that make them resistant. The small holes allow the passage of air and prevent fogging of the lenses. The vintage look of this mask model makes them suitable for those who drive even jet helmets without visor and the wraparound shape ensures perfect visibility (€69).

Among the best motorcycle glasses of 2018 are the Pellor UV400, which are also competitively priced. Designed for those who practice outdoor sports, they are therefore multifunctional with interchangeable visor of different colors for all weather. A rich range of accessories is in fact the strong point of this really fashionable, lightweight and durable (€25).

Among the phototropic ones we recommend the Zodiac Bobster with a poly carbonate frame, extremely light and comfortable to wear even for a long period thanks to the padding that guarantees exceptional comfort (€42).

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