These pages are only the beginning of what will (hopefully!) become the website of reference for all the enthusiasts of Fabio Taglioni’s last masterpiece: the Ducati Pantah twin cylinder motorcycle.

The Pantah is the first of a long series of successful bikes that goes all the way to all current Ducati production: even the 8 valve twin cam 999 Superbike can be considered an evolution, although very radical, of the Pantah!

This site will deal with the earlier generation of bikes which can be more closely related to the original Pantah. These bikes were built by Ducati under its own brand or under the brand of its new owner, Cagiva, between 1979 (year of birth of the Pantah) and 1991 when the “new deal” of Ducati motorcycles was launched.

Namely, the bikes that are dealt with in this site are:

  • Ducati Pantah SL 500, 600 and 650 (1979—84)
  • Ducati Pantah TT1 TT2 and TT3 (1980-85)
  • Ducati XL 350 and 400 (1982-83)
  • Ducati TL 350, 400 and 600 (1982-83)
  • Ducati F1 750 and F3 350 & 400 (1985-88) Including special versions Laguna Seca, Santamonica and Montjuich
  • Cagiva Alazzurra 350, 400 and 650 (1985-86)
  • Cagiva Elefant 350, 400, 650 and 750 (1984-94)
  • Ducati Indiana 350, 650 and 750 (1986-88)
  • Ducati Paso 750 (1986-90)
  • Bimota DB1 (1988-90)
  • Ducati Sport and SS 600 and 750, Sport Junior 350 and 400 (1989-92)

Oh, and we will also try to find a home to all “Odd Ducks” of the late 70’s and 80’s: those Ducati bikes that don’t find hospitality on other sites or lists, like the parallel twins (350 & 500 GTL and Sport Desmo) the two stroke off road (Six Days 125, Regolarità 125) etc.

Instead, this site will not deal with the later 2 valve models: Monster and SS 350, 400, 600 and 750, nor with any of the 900 cc versions, nor the 8 valve DOHC twins (851, 888, 916, 748 and derivates). There must be a limit!

This site was initially meant to be bilingual: Italian and English. Unfortunately the task of putting everything in two languages was overwhelming so, as the Latins said: “ubi major, minor cessat” and Italian had to leave.

Mi dispiace molto di aver dovuto rinunciare all’italiano e chiedo scusa ai tanti appassionati italiani!

This site is owned, created, upoloaded, maintaned and updated with a certain effort by Luca Guala. Yes, help is welcome, thank you!

Unless otherwise stated all text and drawings have been written or drawn by me, and therefore are my intellectual property. So please ask me if you wish to use all of part of any of them.

Disclaimer #1: this site has no commercial or financial scope and is meant only to provide information and convey passion about the bikes and subjects dealt with

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